Brochures Tourist package NATBIOT


The brochures for the NATBIOT tour packages contain relevant information from the 2 countries (Romania and Bulgaria), based on the 4 routes proposals previously voted during the meetings of the NATBIOT project and are elaborated in a clear and attractive way for representatives of the travel agencies, restaurants, hotels / pensions, in the field of transport, entertainment, tourists.

Brochures for tour packages show Romania – Bulgaria tourist routes, which can last up to max. 7 days, depending on the degree of attractiveness / resources / objectives of the respective areas.

The purpose of this brochure is to make known, including to the general public, the tourism possibilities in the inter-regional area, for a long-term development.

Each of the 4 mixed tourist brochures contains the following elements:

• representative images and presentation of each NATBIOT tour package proposed

• presentation of the advantages, quality and natural and bio services within each NATBIOT tour package

• presentation of tangible and intangible heritage within each NATBIOT tour package

• presentation of travel and accommodation options within each NATBIOT tour package

• presentation of the accessibility, the possibility of traveling in the area (transport), the necessary time (of synchronization / of visiting between the tourist objectives), as well as the possibilities of serving the meal in the respective areas targeted by the proposed tourist packages

• presenting the attractiveness of the cultural objectives of each tour package, presenting at least two museums and / or other cultural objectives.

• presentation of the possibilities of performing recreational and leisure activities (for example: cultural and artistic manifestations)


The 4 brochures are available for download, in pdf format, below:


Touristic package NATBIOT 1

Touristic package  NATBIOT 2

Touristic package NATBIOT 3

Touristic package  NATBIOT 4